Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shooting Blind

They have no sight.
They make images.
They paint with light and wait for some one else to describe the image back to them.
Then they paint the image into their mind . . .with words.

To know so completely that there is something wonderful there and to never see it or touch it.

When faith lies in the stutter of emotion, from the voice of a stranger.

I am still mesmerized . . .

mental dump

Interactions with intangible technologies are altering our faith in the mind body link and weakening our hold on the physical.

Advances in science have given us answers to many of life’s mysteries.
Omniscience is stagnation, an end to creativity and an end to learning.

Expansion of the self beyond the physical body has weakened the link to the flesh that houses it.
Dislocation from the physical makes us all ghosts in nature and gods in the machine.

Where do we go when the power goes out?

When we detached our self and launched the psyche into a universe where we are in total control of all actions and appearances without age, deterioration or physical risk we tend toward hubris?

When you are a god, why do you need religion?

Anonymity is safety

Is language a substitute for human interaction and sensory clues?

Can images replace words?

Can words replace images?

Are words images?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coe's apples

This was a mental exercise with a hint of Joseph Kosuth: ie. 3and 1 chairs.

Mine was more a 4 ways apple.

1- Hyper-real / Photoshop version on the wall.
2- Video montage with pretty lighting and just a slight mist of glistening water droplets.
3- Audio of the apple being eaten.

All 3 digitally captured/altered and rendered

4- is the actual rotting remnant of the first 3 in a museum display box.

Presentation was not the main concern here, just the idea to play with and ponder.

Mental Architecture 2

Add Image
Vague, symmetrical
like the perfect memory
of a perfect face

or the easy calculations
of a virtual space

either way . . .
your choice

Mental architecture

Implied structure. In cyberspace and mental space who needs walls? At least we know the floor will always be in the same place?


I can feel you but I can't touch you.

The nothing box

This is a nothing box.

There is nothing special about the box itself
It's just wood
Its empty . . .and not
There is something in it
You cannot see it
You cannot hold it
It has no color
It has no shape

It is sound
the sounds of my memories
maybe they are familiar to you

people react to the nothing box in the most peculiar ways

When it chirps, they are surprised
When it ticks, they hold it suspiciously
When it sounds like water, they hold to one ear like a shell at the ocean.
When it purrs, they cuddle it

There is nothing special about the box itself.
It is just wood.
It is empty . . .and not